Countries worldwide are facing the complex and costly task of overhauling and replacing their public infrastructure-roads, bridges, sewer, water, and other essential systems. Everywhere governments are looking for new innovative solutions that will make infrastructure systems last longer, cost less

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Commercialization Support

You may have an innovative municipal infrastructure product or service that is in the advanced stages of development, but you are facing a barrier when it comes to taking it to the next level of commercialization. Communities of Tomorrow assists

Funding Support

Finding capital to research and develop innovative municipal infrastructure products and services can be a barrier, so Communities of Tomorrow offers project funding to assist in that process. The Communities of Tomorrow Municipal Infrastructure Innovation Fund (MIIF) is available to

Market Intelligence

One of the first steps in developing a new innovative municipal infrastructure product or service is determining the potential market for it. In addition, when applying for CT funding support, the ability to demonstrate a quantified market is essential. This

Municipal Partnerships

Communities of Tomorrow is working to develop productive partnerships with Saskatchewan municipalities. Our work is focused on discovering the needs of municipalities for innovative approaches to their infrastructure challenges, and to assist them in building relationships with companies and researchers

Technology Brokerage

Communities of Tomorrow links municipalities, industry, and researchers to help seek solutions to infrastructure problems. We are seeking to maximize the intellectual capital of municipalities by capturing the solutions and ideas of the employees who work with municipal infrastructure every


What is Communities of Tomorrow? Communities of Tomorrow is positioning Saskatchewan as a global leader in this field of municipal infrastructure innovation, by creating Canada’s first infrastructure innovation hub. We are bringing together industry firms, municipalities, research organizations, and other

“The opportunity presented by smarter cities is the opportunity of sustainable prosperity.”

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