What is Communities of Tomorrow?

Communities of Tomorrow is positioning Saskatchewan as a global leader in this field of municipal infrastructure innovation, by creating Canada’s first infrastructure innovation hub. We are bringing together industry firms, municipalities, research organizations, and other stakeholders to find and develop new,innovative,and smarter infrastructure solutions.

How Can We Help Your Organization?

We are working directly with municipalities to understand their needs, and bringing them together with the companies and research organizations that can provide smart, innovative solutions through our Municipal Innovation Network.

We are investing in the development, testing, and commercialization of innovative infrastructure products and services through the Municipal Infrastructure Innovation Fund and the Leveraged Municipal Innovation Fund.

Why is Innovation in Infrastructure Important to Saskatchewan?

There is no competitive barrier that can stop Saskatchewan from being the best in the world at making our infrastructure smarter and more innovative. The result will be strong urban centres driving growth in their regions, and readying themselves for a sustained period of prosperity. In addition, Saskatchewan will be home to an innovative infrastructure cluster of companies, in the same way it has become an ag bio-tech centre and an energy technology centre. Our companies will be tapping an estimated $20 trillion world market for infrastructure products and services.

How Can We Get Involved?

Communities of Tomorrow continues to build new partnerships and working groups in order to assist Saskatchewan municipalities to become smarter and more innovative communities, to provide for the needs of a growing economy in the future.