Communities of Tomorrow is working to develop productive partnerships with Saskatchewan municipalities. Our work is focused on discovering the needs of municipalities for innovative approaches to their infrastructure challenges, and to assist them in building relationships with companies and researchers that can provide solutions to those needs.

It is for this reason that CT has begun building a Municipal Innovation Network in Saskatchewan, which will allow municipalities to share infrastructure needs, problems, innovative approaches, and possible solutions.

Through the relationships we’ve built, we are able to link companies and researchers with municipalities who may be willing to provide a real-world “living lab” for the testing of innovative infrastructure products and systems. This gives you the opportunity to field-test your innovation under normal operating conditions.

If your municipal infrastructure product or idea could benefit from such a relationship, contact us and we’ll introduce you to a municipality that may wish to become your development partner. Products and services that respond to a previously identified priority area for municipalities are the most likely to be well-received for testing and development.