You may have an innovative municipal infrastructure product or service that is in the advanced stages of development, but you are facing a barrier when it comes to taking it to the next level of commercialization.

Communities of Tomorrow assists companies, municipalities and researchers to reach commercialization with the help of a variety of strategic alliances. An example of one of those strategic partnerships is with Springboard West Innovations (SBWI), a non-profit organization established to help innovators transform an idea into a commercial reality and to help organizations access important new innovations.

Moving a new product or service into the market successfully can be very challenging.  SBWI helps deal with these challenges by working one on one with the innovator.  They use a proven client process model to accelerate the transformation of ideas into products. This model plays an important role in the product’s successful entry into the market.

Most innovators are experts in their field but have limited business expertise. SBWI helps our innovator clients survive and grow through their start-up period by preparing them for their initial challenges. They get our clients ready to take full advantage of the expertise and services of potential funding sources, market researchers, patent experts, business analysts and more.  SBWI also offers educational seminars to entrepreneurs to assist them in building their capacity for business.