According to the traditional management theory, training is the largest consumer in the enterprise. Now it is the most advanced practice that the training of employees is a systematic long-term strategic investment in international enterprises .Enterprises have long-term stable returns directly in the high performance of staff’work. E-Learning is the most important part in the systematic long-term strategic investment.

Throughout the e-Learning course of ten years of development, the area has become the focus of enterprise, many enterprises in the application of e-Learning spent a great deal of financial support and research. Implementation of high efficiency, operational savings and anyone can learn anytime, anywhere, it is the reason that making it the best solution for corporate training. This is an information era of rapid development of knowledge-based economy, the Chinese enterprises are facing more opportunities and challenges than ever before.

In the process of internationalization of Chinese enterprises, how to make the most advanced theory of localization, it should be the goal of our research. Therefore , this study is the application e-Learning training for A insurance company, compare e-Learning Maturity Model with e-Learning training for A insurance company, find the problems of enterprise e-Learning training. At the same time, the human performance technology were used in A insurance company to improve e-Learning training ,in order to make e-Learning training to maximum value.

The paper is devided into three parts:Part one is about the research background and research framework .It includes the questions of research、related literature review and the framework .E-learning is as a form of company training ,in order to improve company performance .The paper investigates the current situation of company e-learning training first . And then takes insurance company A as an research object, analyzing the existing problems in the training, which bring out the focus of research. The research is committed to trim A insurance company training system so that it can improve training performance.

In Part Two, the author has proposed a program in order to improve the insurance company e-Learning training system. At the time, the paper is to analyze Company A’s training experience and draw on their advantage, which will make the program more perfect and practical. After introducing the e-learning training performance improvement program, the article has done some research to make interviews with related training staffs so that can know the current situation of Company A’s e-learning training.The program has talked about is based on the theories of e-learning training、Adult Learning、performance technology and Learning Organization.

The program is a concrete implementation, at the time of e-learning training, the research involves front-end analysis、training design、implementation、assessment and improvement, which is a circle process. Company A needs continuously improve training strategies to improve training effect in the implementing process.Part Three points out the Conclusions and Deficiency of research limited by the researcher’s knowledge, the paper has made out only one improving program for insurance company based on the performance technology, which is no enough. At the same time, the application study on e-learning training is one small step to put theory into practice. At last, the paper give some advice for the deficiency of research.

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